iUnfollow Review: Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tool

iUnfollow Review: Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tool

If you are looking for twitter unfollow tools, then iUnfollow will be the best option for you.

iUnfollow analytics help you to find non-followers.

I use this tool for a long time for analytics of non-followers. I quickly find who’s not follow me back on Twitter.

This unfollowers app is easy to unfollow twitter non-followers.

In this post, I will discuss all features available in iUnfollow free accounts.

To use this tool you will need to sign in with twitter account. It uses twitter API to access your data.

iunfollow review

A Complete iUnfollow Review: Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tools To Unfollow Non-Followers.

1. Unfollow

iunfollow unfollow tool

This feature helps you to unfollow any account which you want to unfollow.

You can see one warning here twitter not allow mass following and then mass unfollowing them.

So it’s better to unfollow only those accounts which you have followed mistakenly.

Or you can unfollow those account which is not active, and don’t give any value.

2. Non-Follow Back

iunfollow unfollow non-followers

Suppose you have a question on how to see who doe’s not follow you back on twitter.

The answer is iUnfollow to find those twitter account that doesn’t follow you back on twitter.

So with this feature, you can easily find twitter non-followers, and you can mass unfollow those twitter account.

3. Follow Back

iunfollow follow back tool

It is another iunfollow analytics that enables you to find that profile which follows you on twitter.

And it is good to follow back your loyal fan, which is following you. It helps you to get more followers on twitter.

4. Follow Request

iunfollow follow request tool

There are many protected accounts on twitter. When you follow them, it will need their approval to follow those accounts.

With this feature in iunfollow, you can easily manage a follow request sent to them.

If you want to cancel, you can cancel that sent request.

Also, if you have a protected account, you can see here all pending follow requests.

5. White list

iunfollow whitelist tool

When you add a twitter account in the white list, it will help you protect that account from mistakenly unfollow.

With this action, it will remove the white list twitter account from the unfollow and Non-Follow Back options.

6. History

iunfollow history tool

This is another best feature by iUnfollow for twitter analytics. From here, you can see all actions performed by you.

It keeps records of all account unfollowed and followed by you with a date.

Limitation In iUnfollow Free Account

With a free account, you have limited operation per day as given below

  • Unfollows Limit: Daily 50 accounts
  • Follows Limit: Daily 50 accounts
  • You can cancel only 25 requests daily.
  • Whitelist Limit 5 accounts per day can be whitelist.

iUnfollow Pricing

To remove the limit mentioned above, you will need to upgrade the free account to a Pro account. Pro plan comes with no question ask 30 days money-back guarantee.

Monthly PlanYearly Plan
$3.33$36.96 (Check Offer For Discount)

Features Of iUnfollow Pro Account

  • Unlimited Unfollows
  • Unlimited Follow Backs
  • Unlimited Follows
  • Unlimited Cancel Requests
  • Unlimited Whitelisting

It was all about the features of iunfollow twitter unfollow tool. Which is free to use also its pro version is not costly.

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  1. hey sujit it’s really a good information shared by you I was looking for free twitter tool and I came to know about this free unfollow tool.


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