10 Best Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-followers

10 Best Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-followers

Twitter is one of those platforms that you can use but you must filter your profiles as there is a large mass of inactive users.

You follow them but they don’t follow you.

You should remove them because twitter has its own limitations.

It only allows you to follow 2000 accounts more than the number of users who follow you back.

But this task of identifying non-follower and non-active users could be very tedious if you choose to do it yourself.

You can make it easy by using some twitter management tools that are very handy if you wish to clear your account and increase your followers.

10 Best Twitter Unfollow Tools To Unfollow Non-followers

1. Circleboom

circleboom best twitter unfollow tools

Circleboom is one of the most popular social media account management web applications. It supports managing your twitter account through various features and tools such as.

  • Follow Tools
  • Unfollow Tools
  • Find Followers
  • Smart Search
  • Hashtag/keyword Search
  • RSS Feeds Module
  • Scheduled Posts Module
  • In-depth Analytics
  • Blacklist
  • Finding Fake/ Spam Accounts, and Inactives Accounts.

Circleboom has four modules that manage everything. Which make it best twitter management tools.

Follow Module

It shows a list of people who are following you but you aren’t following them back.

Apart from it, Circleboom maintains the record and details of those followers you are already following.

So you don’t end up following them twice. It’s a very good feature for following twitter guidelines.

Unfollow module

It removes non-English, fake, spam, non-active, too active, un-followers, eggheads, whitelist profiles.

Smart tweets module

It allows you to share your posts on trusted sites and accounts with your name and link posted on the text.

Analytics Module

It shows the total number of followers, number of tweets, and other activities. It displays the data in the form of graphs.

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2. CrowdFire

crowdfire twitter unfollow tool

In previous times, CrowdFire was named “JustUnfollow”. CrowdFire is among the most famous Twitter management tools as it offers to follow, unfollow services, analytics social listening, and CRM services.

CrowdFire allows you to connect your Twitter account with all the other social media accounts. Through this, you can manage your other accounts simultaneously.

This tool lets you monitor your social conversations tweets and posts. Automatically find and recommend twitter accounts, allows you to post various things on your timeline. You can schedule all of your tweets in advance, and share your favorite pages on all the social media platforms together.

Each day you can follow or unfollow 25 people. It functions very well in iOS and Android. In fact, it may be the best tool for android. No wonder why it is in the list of best twitter unfollow tools to unfollow non-followers.

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3. Tweepi Geeky Flush

tweepi twitter unfollow

If you want to go for unfollowing Twitter tools then Tweepi Geeky Flush could be your choice as well. Similar to its name, Tweepi Geeky Flush flushes the unwanted accounts out of your profile.

It is very easy to use and provides a list of followers you must unfollow. This list includes everything in it such as non-followers, non-active, controversial, too-active, spam, and fake profiles.

It also suggests profiles you must follow, mutual followers, and those people who are active and must be followed.

You can also get the details of other users that are not easily available. Overall, Tweepi Geeky Flush will help you increase your productivity and relationships. It is an excellent tool for analyzing your Twitter activities. You must try it!

4. Unfollower Stats

unfollower stats to unfollow non followers

This tool Unfollower Stats represents its name correctly as it presents the data in the form of graphs and beautiful graphics.

This particular tool has amazing features and it supports all types of devices. Through Unfollower Stats, you can find non-followers, fans, inactive, white & blacklist, spam, and fake profiles.

With the help of Unfollower Stats, you can unfollow all the followers that are not following you back. Apart from it, you can follow those followers who are following you as this tool suggests both followers and non-followers.

It also keeps you away from unwanted pages that fill your timeline with heap and irrelevant tweets. So use this awesome tool to unfollow all your non-followers.

5. Statusbrew

statusbrew twitter unfollow tools

Statusbrew is a social media managing tool and very handy for clearing and managing the Twitter account. On Statusbrew, you can actively craft your tweets as it gives awesome suggestions that can increase your productivity and help you grow more on Twitter.

On Statusbrew, you can identify followers, non-followers, fans, inactive, white & blacklist, spam and fake profiles.

It also speaks about the right time to post and indicates you when your maximum followers are online. Along with it, you can connect your other social media accounts with Twitter and manage them as well.

Weekly analysation, account history and overview are some other features that Statusbrew offers for its users. So download it in your phone and manage your Twitter account in a few seconds.

6. iUnfollow

iunfollow unfollow twitter tool

iUnfollow is an amazing tool that can help you in bulk unfollow. This tool iUnfollow is known for churning out inactive Twitter accounts.

It is very useful for those users who aggressively follow profiles to increase their follower, following, popularity, and activities. iUnfollow does not let you cross Twitter boundaries and suggest genuine and responsive accounts.

It also shows non-followers, non-active, controversial, too-active, spam, fake profiles, accounts you must follow, and mutual followers.

This tool also saves you from being flagged from Twitter and prevents spamming and other unethical activities. However, this tool’s free version is limited to 50 unfollow per day.

7. Untweeps

Last but not the least, Untweeps Twitter management tool is a very advanced and user-friendly tool to unfollow non-followers on Twitter.

Along with the list of un-followers, non-followers, fans, inactive, white & blacklist, spam, and fake profiles, you can get information about those accounts who have 0 tweets on their profile.

Just browse Untweeps.com and connect your Twitter account then you can easily monitor those accounts who have not made any single update on their accounts.

Its dashboard is very handy and easy to use. Anyone can use it for mass unfollow.

8. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is another tool that focuses on twitter account management. It has many important features that help you in decluttering your profile and allows you to build relationships with different people.

It has an advanced feature that lets you unfollow most talkative twitter accounts. This feature keeps you away from the controversial and spamming posts. It also provides various other features like analytics, follower insights, and suggested content in several categories.

Through this, you can unfollow those profiles who are not following you back, users without profile images, spam or fake accounts, inactive, unethical, and influential users.

In the analytics section, it has tweet analytics, account analytics, account history, and email reports that give you an overview of the number of followers,  following, and other activities happening on your account.

Some other special features of ManageFlitter

  • Auto-posting of your Google Plus post on Twitter
  • A detailed list of those Twitter users who tweet in different languages
  • List of interesting Twitter accounts and pages
  • Spam and fake profiles alerts
  • Twitter guidelines alert

You must try ManageFlitter to get better and clear Twitter account.

9. Friend or Follow

Another in the list, Friend or Follow Twitter and other social media account management tools. Through this tool, you can track both your followers, non-followers.

As it provides a list of Twitter users who are following you and who is not following you back. Also a list of those accounts and pages you should follow to get more viewers and audience.

This tool is very useful for bloggers and individuals who wish to use Twitter for the purpose of blog promotion or self-promotion.

Digital marketers love this tool from the bottom of their hearts as it fulfills their requirements. Friend or Follow also supports you in managing multiple accounts and keeps you under the guidelines of Twitter.

There are a lot more features that this particular tool offers to its users. You must take its trial to find more about it.

10. FerraUnfollow

FerraUnfollow works smoothly and efficiently on both android and iOS. It is kind of similar to iUnfollow tool.

FerraUnfollow also displays the list of followers, non-followers, fans, inactive, white & blacklist, spam, and fake profiles.

Unlike other Twitter management tools,  FerraUnfollow has a unique feature. Through this tool, you can check the follow-back rate of your followers and unfollow those users who have low follow back rates. You can increase your activities to lure those followers who have high follow back rates.


Social media has become a very important part of our life. In a way or another, we all use it to communicate with others.

It is also a good medium for self-promotion. You can use it to represent yourself, your skills, or art.

There are various platforms that are very useful for building relationships with others.

Above mentioned list of 10 Best Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-followers includes those tools that you must use to filter your Twitter account.

All these tools are our picks and they are on the top in the market. You can read their reviews on the internet before picking one among all of them.

But you must consider this list and choose the best tool for your Twitter account. Just remember managing your account is very important if you want to grow on the internet.

So use these tools to unfollow those followers who are not following you back on Twitter, to connect with others, to increase your productivity and online presence.

You must check our other articles to know more about these tools in clear details. You will find the link in the description box. Click on it to read them.

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