SEMrush Plagiarism Checker – A Compete Overview

SEMrush Plagiarism Checker – A Compete Overview

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SEMrush plagiarism checker is one of the best plagiarism checker SEO tools.

Many businesses and freelancers use the SEMrush SEO tool worldwide.

Original content is the key to success in SEO and content marketing which attracting readers’ attention.

Moreover, Google doesn’t like plagiarised or software-generated content.

They may remove those content from a search result or ban a site from appearing in the search results.

In this respect, a web owner and content marketers face the following challenges:

  • Complete unique content creation for a topic or keyword
  • Checking content by the freelance content writer for originality
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For this, SEMrush has made unique tools for the content marketer and website owners called SEOWriting Assistant.

Anyone can access SEMrush plagiarism checker features easily from SEO Writing Assistant or with the help of a brilliant extension for Google docs and with the use of a plugin in WordPress.

It not only checks your content for originality! But it also gives you actionable writing recommendations.

SEMrush Plagiarism Checker In Content Marketing Dashboard

To access the SEMrush plagiarism checker, login to the SEMrush website, go to the content marketing section, then click on the SEO Writing Assistant section.

semrush content marketing dash board

Now click on get recommendation on the right side.

semrush seo writing assistant

Now seo writing assistant will open, copy and paste your already created content.

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This tool will analyze your content, and it will give you the following analysis report

  • Readability
  • SEO
  • Tone of voice
  • Originality

SEMrush Plagiarism Checker For Google Docs

You can also use this plagiarism checker for google docs.

To use the content analysis tool of SEMrush, you will need to install the SEMrush SEO wiring assistant add on in google docs from Google Workspace Market Place

SEMrush Plagiarism Checker WordPress Plugin

You can also use this tool for WordPress using a plugin.

To use the Semrush content analysis tool first, you will need to install the SEMrush SEO writing Assistant Plugin.

SEO writing assistant wordpress plugin

This SEMrush plagiarism checker detects the total percentage of copied words in your content and identifies original content sources from across the internet.

SEMrush plagiarism checker works for all languages and is available for only SEMrush Guru and Business plans.

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