12 Best Profitable Niches For Blogging That Makes Money

12 Best Profitable Niches For Blogging That Makes Money

Niche blogging helps you grow your blog more quickly. In this article, we will talk about the Best Profitable Niches For Blogging.

Have you published 40 blog posts on your website, including 10 on health and fitness, 10 on parenting, 5 on creativity, 5 on food recipes, and 10 on lifestyle? 

It’s been long you have been posting highly engaging, power-packed with education and aesthetically pleasing blogs but still not able to make money?

You made a mistake in choosing your niche. Or are you somebody who just thought of writing blogs, with tons of ideas in your head, and you remain confused about where to start.

You are at the right place. I will save you from this cyclone of thoughts. Have you ever heard of niche blogging?

Yes, the majority of you might have. For those who don’t, niche blogging is a type of blogging in which bloggers write about a particular topic they master.

In niche blogging, you target a specific group of audiences. Niche blogging is a great idea to monetize your blog quickly and faster. The concept of niche blogging is not new today and started to become popular in recent years. In this post, I will tell you that niche that makes money.

most profitable niche for blogging

12 Best Profitable Niches For Blogging That Makes Money

1. Tech Blogs

tech blogs

As blogging is the new trend, tech blogs are trending these days. Technology gets updated and advanced every day. Writing about technology is something people are taking very seriously. Such blogs are in high demand among the readers as well.

Tech blogs are a great source of increasing traffic on your blog. Everyone from tech gurus to absolute beginners will want to read tech blogs. If you have the ability to work for a tech niche you can consider tech blog as the best profitable niche for blogging.

The world of blogging is continuously going through change and expansion. Your tech blogs will be no less than a blessing for everyone who needs to keep up-to-date in all aspects of technology.

Several bloggers specialize in tech. One of the best tech blogs is Verge. The Verge is a magnificent multi-media effort that came into being over nine years ago. The main objective of this blog is to analyze how technology will change lives in the future.

Their target audience is mainly mainstream. Of-course, once your tech blog is popular enough, the money will start flooding in. Tech blogs are on the top in this list for a reason. Tech blogs are one of the most profitable niches for blogging. If you are tech-savvy, wait no more. Go ahead and start a tech blog!

2. Food Blogs

food blog niche

Ohh! So, who does not like food? And some people love to write about food. So interconnected. Food lovers are every day in search of testing out new food items.

If you are too passionate about writing the various new dishes, you have tried some cuisine fusions then food blogs will prove a perfect niche for blogging for you.

You can make the right amount of money out of it. Just think once, you write about the regular avocado toast but with some new touch and you have so many other toast recipes on your blog. Which food will stop just on avocado toast?

The person will read about all your other recipes. And if your content is a highly provoking person will surely follow your blog. Yeah yeah! Figures are increasing in your head. So, you get the idea. Right?  

Food blogs are one of the most profitable niches for blogging. If you write consistently and bring something new after every blog, Food Blogs will bring you a decent amount of money. So, when are you starting to write that best baking technique?

3. Health and Fitness Blog

health and fitness blogging niche

In a fast-growing world, people do not even have a good hour of the day where they can sit and eat properly. Our life is running too fast. If you have a medical background and you are a certified nutritionist, health and fitness blogs will be a cherry on top for expanding your business fast.

Just ponder, sitting on your couch with your laptop or whatever gadget you use, you write about five straightforward steps to lose weight, six simple steps to gain muscles, Right time of eating fruits, and much more.

People sitting miles away from you read your blog and start doing these simple steps, which give amazing results. Isn’t this great? Just by writing some truthful and unique facts about how to take care of your health and how to improve your fitness, you make money. 

This is again one of the very profitable niches for blogging. There are some health problems that you can treat with some natural remedies. You can easily earn money from it just by giving some tested and proven tips to the people suffering from some common diseases.

If you are professional, congratulations, people will follow you religiously. Bloggers are making good money writing health and fitness blogs. You can use many other ways through which you can monetize your blogs.

Your blogs will motivate people who are lazy but want to exercise. Your comfortable, simple forms of exercise will help them achieve their fitness goals.

4. Fashion and Beauty Blogs

Fashion and Beauty Blogs

Fashion and beauty hacks are viral these days. One can learn so much from these beauty gurus. Fashion and beauty blogs help beginners who do not know much makeup or skincare and fashion sense.

Writing fashion and beauty blogs teaches people to become much more independent and even inspire a lot of other people to take good care of their skin. Writing about beauty hacks that will save people’s time and money is such a bliss. Buying a new product or if they want a review of a product, your blogs will help them. Fashion is a relative concept. 

Many young girls are earning such a significant amount in this niche of blogging. Fashion and beauty blogs are a profitable niche for blogging for these young girls. You write about pairing a black belt on a brown dress, and people will find it attractive. 

And eventually, you are making money just by telling people which shirt to pair with what skirt. Those fashion addict girls who need some tips to improve their fashion will help them in overall grooming. Also, there are so many brands that collaborate with fashion and beauty bloggers, and you will earn good money with brands.

5. DIY Blogs (Do It Yourself Blogs)

diy blogs or do it yourself blogs

Again, yes, you can make real money with your Do It Yourself or DIY blogs. Be it the DIY hair mask or  DIY craft ideas. Can you wonder if you are telling people to reuse your damaged clothes and those ideas help them save a few bucks?

DIY blogs can help you make good money. DIY blogs are a bit of a tricky niche for blogging. However, DIY Blogs are so much in trend now but are very competitive at the same.

You need to bring a new idea every day. Your DIY should stand out from others, and they should be worth trying. And if people start liking them, then there is no excuse that you cannot make money from your DIY’s. You can even sell them online. 

Include affiliate marketing into your DIY blog. You can monetize your DIY blog. Throw this thing out of your mind that who will want to know about some DIYs, trust me people love it. People try to save their money by doing these DIY things. And you can earn money out of it.

You just need to work with a plan and post content plagiarism-free and easy to do. Keep the practicality in mind.  This niche is like one Arrow two targets make DIY blogs, and you can sell the DIY items you create. 

6. Make Money Online

make money online blog

Trust me when I say Make Money Online is among the most profitable niches for blogging. And, of course, it is fabulous. You can make money by telling people the ways to make money online. Yes, you can. Many people around us are unable to meet their ends.

I am making them aware of the source from which they can make money just by a good internet connection and a gadget—telling people about the tons of resources where they can highlight who they are and make money online.

This is again a very profitable blogging niche.  Many bloggers have built great websites now just by starting a single blog on legit ways to make money online. 

7. Decor and Home Making Blogs

 Decor and Home Making Blog

Put the picture of home decor you have or the bed sheet you use as curtains and all the women out there will go crazy with the beautiful interior design of your home. Yes, you heard that right.

The home décor and homemaking blogs are in trend. That one blog of giving your home or a part of the house a makeover, people will follow it in their home too. These decor and homemaking ideas are popular on YouTube.

But these days blogs are also in the race. Women who do not want to bury their interest in creativity (which nobody should) write blogs on decorating their home and make their home more beautiful.

Women are making money by posting ideas on how to make your home look better, which couch to keep where which curtain will suit with which carpet and so on. They are earning money writing about how the living room should be arranged, and people follow that. 

If you also have that crazy creativity in you, start your decor and homemaking blog and earn money. A profitable blogging niche. Which will help you to bring in money quickly? You just have to invest some time and present original content to your audience.

Just like DIY blogs, Home and decor blogs also give you an option to sell your decor through your blog. 

8. Career Guidance Blog

careers and Guidance Blog

Guide people about their careers and earn money. As easy as it sounds. Are you someone who keeps updated about recent vacancies in the great companies, or you know about all the government jobs that are in your country or everywhere in the world? Then a career guidance blog is made for you.

Create a career guidance blog today. People will even pay you for advising them what they should do for their career. If you are somebody who loves to encourage people in your surroundings about what job they should go for, you are making their lives better.

A career guidance blog is a profitable enough niche in blogging. You are helping people find their source of income and buy bread and butter. There are many career guidance blogs, which have gained millions of followers, and they have a beautiful looking website.

You can start writing career guidance blogs. Does not stress upon this niche is undoubtedly a profitable blogging niche.

9. Parenting Blogs

parenting blogs

So, are you a parent to be or been a parent recently? Then you must know the struggle. Parenting is more robust than the most challenging exam in your country. When you see your parents you have some issues, feel like your parents should not have treated you that way, or they should have asked you more politely about why you missed your classes.

Parents have so many questions regarding how they should nurture their children. Suppose you are somebody who wants to pen down your experiences or you want to give some parenting tips then good news for you.

Parenting blogs are again among one the most profitable blogging niches. You can conduct counseling sessions. Parenting blogs can fill your pocket if you write relatable content for your targeted audience.

Parenting blogs are the best niche for young moms who want to work and earn. But couldn’t because, by God’s grace, you have delivered such a beautiful baby. You can go with parenting blogs and support your partner or even be independent and keep your indulgence in some activity.

Parenting blogs are the niche of the blog, which will never face a downfall. People will always need advice for proper parenting. I am saying this because with the advancements in technology, parents will worry about whether they should give their kid this or that gadget.

10. Travel Blog

travel blog to make money

Traveling is the right way of refreshing up. And people spend a nice portion of their income on traveling to new places. Travel blogs help people to find new homes they can visit. Other useful information like cheap and affordable places nearby, travel essentials to carry on the next trip and much more.

Also, if you love traveling too, then creating travel will be the best decision. You can guide people about which place they should visit, what necessary things they should carry, what type of clothes they should carry according to the climate. Even you can answer all the queries related to traveling then start writing a travel blog today. You can save millions of people’s money and time.

A travel blog is one of the great profitable niches for blogging. You can earn by collaboration with traveling agencies.

Travel blogs are a good source of entertainment for people. Your travel blogs will help people build their bucket list of places they want to visit, and you can fill your pocket by telling them which place to visit this vacation. You love to travel, write about it and people love to read your travel blogs. 

11. Pet Blogs

pet blogs profitable niche for blogging

I love a dog and want to keep it with me, but I don’t know how to take care of a creature who can’t speak. I want to know how I can take care of the furry baby. Also, my sister has a new family member, a cat. She brought her three days back but now is regretting it because she doesn’t know when to feed that cat and what she needs.

Do you know anything about pets?   Yes, so many people love to keep pets but don’t know how to look after them. And I can see you have started asking me the breed, type of teeth, claws and other descriptions about my dog. Yes, pet blogs have begun to become popular very recently.

And people are making a good profit out of these blogs. People will ask for advice for better health of their pet after all they love them. And you can help them out. You can guide them on what routine they have to follow for their pet, about all the vaccines, injection, food, and stuff.

12. Personal Finance Blogs

personal finace blog one of the profitable niche for blogging

Are the famous personal finance blogs triggering your mind to start your blog? Yes, coming to that question too. They do earn money, and some of them earn 5-6 figures of income.

Help people make sound financial decisions, save money or tax, and resolve all other finance-related queries of the people. Write about Mutual funds, money-saving techniques, how to plan fees, and investment people will pay for it.

A personal finance blog is also a profitable blogging niche. The blogs mentioned above have more than 5K people visiting their websites every day. Start your finance blog today to earn money for yourself and help people save theirs. Following up on a personal finance blogger benefits people a lot.

They get so many money-saving ideas from them. Managing finance is what everyone wants to learn. Saving money is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you excel in the art of saving, investing, and regulating money, you should start publishing your blogs on personal finance.

Personal finance blogs will surely prove a profitable niche for blogging for you if you know how to manage money. 

Final Word:

The only rule best blogging is to write 100% original content. Don’t write something canned. If you worked with discipline, you could earn a living out of blogging. Bloggers make a handsome amount, but yeah that needs utmost patience, immense hard work, and most importantly, good quality content.

Choose the niche that suits you the best. After all, that is what is going to bring you money. Know what you write. Keep in mind your targeted audience. Master your niche and be a professional.

Once you decide your niche, your blog will grow faster. How? You do not have exciting topics. Why?  A food lover will not like to see the technology on your channel.

A beauty and fashion addict will hate parenting blogs. So, when you focus on one niche, people trust you and follow you. At the end of the day, what you are doing is traffic. Right?

When you focus on just one niche, you have tons of ideas in your head related to the blog. The niches of the blogs mentioned above are highly profitable if you follow the discipline of blogging. Know your audience, decide your tone and flavor. 

Happy blogging!

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