About Me

About Me

About Me

Hey! Sujit Kumar here, an SEO Analyst, Digital Marketer, Blogger & Trainer from Khagaria, Bihar, India. I am pleased to see this you are reading about me. It’s more than ten years now. I am in this Industry. I accidentally become a Blogger & Digital Marketer.


Let me tell you about my Story

In 2010 after dropping out of college, I started working with Angel Broking in Cochin, Kerala, as I was not satisfied with my lower salary. I was searching for Extra income. One of my Junior from my college, Mr. Atul Kumar, explained blogging and earning from there, which was a turning point in my life.

My First Blog

In February 2011, I started my first Blog, ShareGyaan. While working in the Stock Trading & Investment Industry, my blog Niche was on online share trading and Stock Brokers.

Initially, there was almost no traffic to my Blog. Therefore, I started searching to get traffic on my Blog, and I knew about SEO.

Hence I started searching for more information about SEO. Whatever information I was getting, I was applying on my Blog. After a few months, I started getting traffic on my Blog. It was near 500-600 visitors per day after two-three months.

In those days, Google AdSense was a mainly used way to monetize a blog. After a few months, I got my AdSense account approved. I was thrilled because the monetization of my Blog had started.

I Stopped Blogging!

Without receiving any payment from Google, they have banned my Blog because of invalid activity. To date, I don’t know what was that weak activity as Google never gives information about this. Because there was no source of earning there, therefore, I stopped blogging.

I Started Working as an SEO Executive

From blogging, I have not earned a Single Rupee, but it has given me new skills. In December 2012, I resigned from Angel Broking and I moved to New Delhi, where I was looking for a new job at Naukri.com. I come to know about one opening for SEO Executive At Rai Foundation (an NGO). Where I got selected after an interview, and I joined as an SEO Executive there.

I started working as an Internet Marketer (Digital Marketer)

In 2016, I got a call from an Interior Designing company to work as an Internet Marketer. They asked me can I help us to get new projects for our organization on the Internet. I got interested, and I said to them, Yes, I can help.

I worked for them for the next five years. In these five years, I have learned and many skills in Digital Marketing. I have searched for many projects for that organization where I was working. In few years, company turnover jumped from 1 crore to 10 Crore.

In Corona Pandemic, I lost my job & got a new opportunity to work remotely.

Due to lock down in the corona pandemic, I lost my job and shifted to my native place. But due to my skills in the field of Digital Marketing and SEO, I got new opportunities to work remotely in Byte Digital Inc. (A Canada based Digital Marketing Agency In Toronto)

Apart from this, during corona lockdown days, I learned that many people are selling online courses for digital marketing and SEO, which lacks practical knowledge.

As a result, I founded the SEO Blueprintan Online Training Class for beginners who want to learn Digital Marketing and SEO. It is a 100% practical and live training program. I design them after years of experience.

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